Watch Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein And Enjoy Your Time

Watching dramas is always fun. As a matter of fact, most of the ladies love to watch TV serials. Indian dramas continue for years. Once you have started watching Indian dramas, then you have to wait for years to watch the end. The household ladies love to watch Indian dramas and wait daily for the updates. Indian dramas are not only popular in India, but the people in the neighbor countries also watch the Indian daily soap opera. Though there are many Indian soups are on air, but in this article, we will discuss the story of a popular Indian TV show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

The Characters:

Following are some of the main characters of the drama:

  • Raman Bhalla:

Raman Bhalla is the male protagonist of the drama. He is a rich businessman and a Punjabi guy who lives with his family in Mumbai.

  • Ishita Iyyer:

Ishita Iyyer is the female protagonist in the drama. She is a dentist and lives in Mumbai with her parents.

  • Shagun:

She is the ex-wife of Raman Bhalla and the mother of Ruhi and Aadi.

  • Ashok Khanna:

He is the male antagonist in the drama and ex-boss of Raman Bhalla. He was also the boyfriend of shagun.

  • Others:

Mr.Bhalla and his wife santosh live with their sons Raman and Romi. While as the Vishwanath and Madhavi Iyyer are Ishita’s parents.

The Story Of The Drama:

The story of Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins with the Bhalla And Iyyer Families living opposite to each other. Though they are neighbors but they always fight. Ishita has a medical problem due to which she cannot get pregnant. While as Raman Bhalla has two children (Ruhi and Aadi) and has divorced his wife shagun. Shagun had an extramarital affair with Raman’s ex-boss Ashok. Aadi lives with shagun and her boyfriend Ashok. And Ruhi lives with her father. She develops a strong bond with Ishita, but Raman does not like Ishita. Later for the sake of Ruhi both (Raman and Ishita) get married. Ashok always tries to defame Raman in business but most of the times he fails.

After marriage Raman and Ishita had several issues but eventually they fall for each other. Ruhi loves her Ishi Maa so much and wants to stay with her. Meanwhile shagun gets jealous of Raman and Ishita’s bond and do things to irritate them. Mihir is shagun’s brother but does not like her as she had divorced Raman. He is in love with Mihika (Ishita’s cousin sister). At their engagement Ishita comes to know that shagun is Mihir’s sister.

Ashok does not want to marry shagun and is taking an interest in Mihika. Mihika works in Ashok’s company. Ashok manipulates things and marries to Mihika. After many incidents Raman and Ishita express their love to each other. Ishita gives birth to Pihu and due to some incidents, Ishita and Raman get separated.

After seven years Ishita who was living in Australia with her friend Mani and his niece aliya meets Raman. The drama is still on air and now both protagonists are living together. While as their children have grown up.  So do not forget to watch Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.