12. How To Schedule Pearson Test

Pearson Test of English is a very well-known English language proficiency exam. It is one of the proficiency exams that is taken by the students who wish to continue their education in a foreign country, but either does not speak English as a native language or come from areas where English is not spoken as the primary language. To test the command of the students who wish to pursue their education in international level institutes where English is used as the medium of instruction, the appearance of the student in the Pearson test of English is a compulsion. Therefore it is very important for the potential students who wish to pursue their education in foreign institutes, to know How to Schedule Pearson Test.


An important question that might come in the minds of the students would be why to take the Pearson test of English when there are many other tests that serve the same purpose as well. Well, the answer to this question lies in the following points and arguments:

  • It is fairly easier as compared to the other tests and exams that serve the same purpose.
  • It is recognized and accepted by an extensive and a large number of educational institutes worldwide.
  • The Pearson test of English is conducted with a difference of a very small time interval between each subsequent analysis.
  • There is a lot of material, helping tutorials and preparatory courses that can be found online that may help a person score a higher score on the test.
  • Preparing for the Pearson Test of English is not only a very convenient and comfortable process, but the materials and resources of the tests are also designed in a very student-friendly manner.
  • The preparation for the Pearson Test of English is relatively more accessible and does not require a lot of time and effort.


The Pearson test of English is a completely automated test that is conducted by a computer over an active internet connection. Even the process of How To Schedule Pearson Test is straightforward and easy. Not only the examiner on the test is a computer, but a computer also does the scoring of the test. The basis of the scoring of the test is the global scale of English. This means that the test taker can obtain a score in between the range of 10-90. An advantage of automating the whole system of the registration of the test, conduction of the trial and the test scores calculate that the test scores are sent to the test taker in a minimal period. The test taker is most likely to receive the test results within five days of taking the test.


How to Schedule Pearson Test only requires the test taker to register and make an account on the website of the PTE. After this, he can choose a time slot for his test according to his availability and pay the fee to confirm his testing schedule.

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