Top 2 Golf APPs for the best Golf GPS

Golf GPS Apps can be downloaded and installed not only onto the best golf GPS devices, but also smart phones running on android or IOS platforms. They provide you with multiple features for course preview, hole-listing and analysis, shot tracking, score card and statistics management and swing analysis etc.  In this session of the series of golf GPS reviews you can a look at top two golf GPS apps, namely the GOLFSHOT-IOS and GOLFLOGIX-Android.

Course Preview- Best Golf GPS APPs

  • GOLFSHOT-IOS gives you 3-D Flyover views of the selected golf course all over the world. 6 angles of preview help you in the preparation of your game plan for each round and hole in the course. You get frequent course updates with complete overview of the hole-distances, landscape, hazards, center green and freeways.
  • GOLFLOGIX-Android lets you search for courses by course name, city name and other customizable parameters. For this it depends on the WIFI networks. You are able to get instant access to more than 25000 golf courses around the world. 3-D preview of the selected course is made available to display all the landscape features accurately.

  Hole-Listing and Analysis – Best Golf GPS APPs

  • GOLFSHOT-IOS’s automatic hole-listing gives you the options to view the complete hole-details for distances, par, pin location (variable); average scores for putting, fair way hits; GIR and straight shots. 3-D Zoom view gives you target centered focus on individual holes with pinpoint accuracy. The statistical screen gives you the hole-wise averages for multi players.